About the AACA

Starting in 1935 with the meeting of 14 like-minded individuals sharing a love of automobiles, the Antique Automobile Club of America has grown to well over 50,000 members in more than 400 regions. The AACA is dedicated to the preservation of automotive history in all its forms. From preserving automobiles themselves, to encouraging the sharing and enjoyment of our own vehicles around the country in the form of local chapters and associated car shows and events, to the collection and curation of literature and automobilia, the AACA is devoted to the passion that many of us have for the automobiles that have come down to us since their inception.

The AACA's Hershey, Pennsylvania headquarters include the well-renowned AACA Museum, a Library and Research Center, and the grounds for the annual AACA Hershey Car Show. The AACA Museum (no longer affiliated with the AACA) features a permanent exhibit of over 150 vehicles, many member cars donated for display, and various specialty exhibits throughout the year. Vehicles range from some of the earliest motor vehicles developed all the way to some of the iconic cars of the '70s, representing nearly 100 years of automotive development.